Date is set – accomodation sorted

After a lot to-ing and fro-ing over the last week we spent a couple of late nights and long mornings going over dates and prices and at the weekend we booked our accommodation for the wedding which puts the wedding date into a span of just a few days.  The venue for the ceremony is the beach so there’s not so much ‘booking’ as such for that.  Everything else will happen at the house.

The house will sleep 12 of us meaning the whole wedding party is accommodated, anyone else coming will be staying somewhere else nearby.

We still have a few open questions about the date exactly as there is still one person yet to be fully on board but my daughter’s activities for that summer and a couple of other things kind of fixed the week we could possibly do it.  Hoping that the other key guest can fit us in too.

Selecting the place was harder work than we thought as there were quite a few that we liked but they all were different in various ways.  The first one we picked turned out to be mis-priced which was disappointing as it then went over budget for us.  In the end a spreadsheet was made to try and put some order into what was important and a decision was made.

So the first thing is booked!  that means everything else has to fit in with that week.  Next up is photographer I think as we have already chosen him (kind of) just need for him to be available.

Setting the date?

How early should we pick a specific date?  We’ve got an idea of approximately when we would like to do it but I’m trying to work out what the deciding factor is.

Is it the availability of key guests? or the venue? or maybe the photographer we have chosen.

I’m concerned I guess, that we will spend too long thinking maybe this and maybe that and until we have one thing confirmed everything will be up in the air and potentially we’ll miss out on something.

Right now I’m unsure what will make us pull the trigger and set things in motion; I think the defining dependency is the venue.   If we book that everything else has to fit in.  But what if….

Ugh procrastination!

Must remember “Any decision is better than no decision at all”