It’s my turn to choose

As I said previously most of all this is about the bride but there is one area I want control; and that is the Groom and Best man’s outfit.  Is that unreasonable?

We have agreed that as the wedding is (hopefully) on a beach in Hawaii that myself and the best man will wear matching hawaiian shirts.  Now I don’t know what it’s like here, but in England the Groom, Best man and the rest of the wedding party on the male side, at traditional weddings usually wear identical outfits; often hired from the same store.

At the end of last week S started showing me shirts for me to consider, none of them match my thoughts and she’d also suggesting we have contrasting outfits.  I think I am going to try to stand my ground here and hold onto control.  As long as I don’t go too wild in colour it should be up to us as far as I am concerned.

This could be the first issue we have to argue through.