All good

I took a trip and blogging didn’t get a look in, didn’t realise I hadn’t posted for that long. Anyway, the nature of these blogs is that you have an initial spurt followed by a lul which hopefully picks up after a while.  For this blog that won’t really happen until things really kick off.

An update on status;

The last important person is fully on board with our dates so we are all go now for Kauai in September 2018.  The next important thing is to secure is the photographer, after that pressure is off somewhat while we finalise the rest of our plans.

S is busy collecting various things relating to the dress and throwing out random ideas here and there .  We have the fabled wedding planner book so she’s happy with that.

We are questioning whether we should stay on the one island the entire time as some people want to explore the bigger islands but we can resolve that in a few months.