Engagement photos

So myself and S visited my home in England last week to say a final farewell to my Father.  Whilst there she sprung on me an idea she had for us doing ‘official’ engagement photos.  Obviously she was prepared but I had to think fast on what I should wear. Luckily I had come equipped with a suitable outfit.

We found a local photographer who was offering a cheap deal if we were able to fit in with their schedule (i.e. filling the gaps where they didn’t have any work).  We were flexible enough and went to my home town of Henley-on-Thames for a walk by the river whilst two photographers buzzed around us taking snaps.

It was an unusually hot day and walking around in the full sun wearing jacket and trousers was not the most comfortable.

Despite the heat, it was a fun experience and hopefully we will get some nice shots out of it once they have been ‘processed’ i.e. making my complexion spotless and losing me a few pounds (hopefully).

Thanks to Anna Mikulich


This is a whole new world

I have to admit either times have changed (I am a little old fashioned) or it’s this country. Let’s talk about rings.

So I thought (naively maybe) that when I decided I liked a girl enough to want to marry her I would, knowing her style and things she likes, go to a jewelers and select the best ring I could afford and as a promise of my love for her and of our eventual joining, offer it to her.  Then, if she were willing, she would accept this ring I am gifting her and wear it as a symbol of our pledge.

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