This is a whole new world

I have to admit either times have changed (I am a little old fashioned) or it’s this country. Let’s talk about rings.

So I thought (naively maybe) that when I decided I liked a girl enough to want to marry her I would, knowing her style and things she likes, go to a jewelers and select the best ring I could afford and as a promise of my love for her and of our eventual joining, offer it to her.  Then, if she were willing, she would accept this ring I am gifting her and wear it as a symbol of our pledge.

No. Continue reading “This is a whole new world”

It all kicks off

Just starting this journey into my second marriage and this time doing it in the USA. Things have changed since I first got married and perhaps the change in country adds to that too.

It all strange, exciting and worrying at the same time.  I need to support my fiancé as really it’s all about her but as the groom I have a reasonably major role to play and as such I have my own thoughts and concerns and wishes which need to be taken into account. Continue reading “It all kicks off”