I think it’s important to get a budget of some sort together earlier rather than later, it puts things into perspective and establishes some targets; not to mention actually listing things down.

With both of us being project managers we both appreciate a spreadsheet. Me more so perhaps; I use them for everything especially large purchases with a range of requirements – it helps me quantify things.

So as we were discussing some wedding ideas I grabbed up my laptop and opened a spreadsheet so we could put some numbers around things.

We made a list of things and quantities and put our best educated guesses at how much we thought they would be.  Did some totalling up and hey presto! we had an initial budget. Then after we had picked ourselves off the floor, we made a few adjustments and were a little less shell-shocked.  Man these weddings are expensive, even if you aren’t doing the whole big wedding and reception thing – then again we are flying to Hawaii so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

At least now we have a good idea of the big ticket items and what we have to target for our savings.


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