Apparently we need wedding planner

I didn’t know this existed but we need one.  I don’t mean a person who organises your wedding for you (we’re not made of money!) I mean a book dedicated to keeping all the information about your wedding.

I get it, there’s a lot to manage and it’s all part of the process and yes it might be something to look back on someday.

This, it seems to me is another thing directed at the bride, seeing as they have descriptions like “Wedding Organizer Binder makes the work of a bride-to-be a little less hectic, and also makes the perfect keepsake for when all your hard work is done.” seems a little one-sided to me, like only one person is involved in this.  I also saw one titled “My Wedding Planner” – not ‘Our’.  

Oh well.  Personally I use Evernote to capture all my notes and web links; it’s great, syncs between all my devices (computer, phone and tablet) meaning I always have access to the information and is already been useful as I had started collecting things previously – “what was the name of that photographer?”… “oh I have it here with a link to his website” 😉

So if S needs a book that’s all fine with me and I’m sure it will come in handy and will probably prompt us on a few things.

S does not like not having a plan which is contrast to my more happy go lucky attitude. Sometimes she gets frustrated when my lack of formal planning often works out well 🙂


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