The Concept


The idea is to have a fantastic vacation with friends and family around us and get married in the process.

We want to try to keep this simple and without to much pomp. We took inspiration from my best friend’s wedding who, similar to us, has friends and family in both the US and UK.  By just inviting everyone to a nice holiday location they thought that more people were likely to make the effort – and they were right.

We want to spend as little as possible on ‘Wedding’ things and more on having fun and experiences with people we love (sorry wedding industry).  My friend had the same initial plan I think but due to the distances involved in getting things to their wedding location (in the middle of Yellowstone national park) I think the ‘wedding’ costs were more than they initially hoped for; we all still had a great time though.

We love Kauai in Hawaii and have decided that is our location all we need now is to put a plan together….


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