This is a whole new world

I have to admit either times have changed (I am a little old fashioned) or it’s this country. Let’s talk about rings.

So I thought (naively maybe) that when I decided I liked a girl enough to want to marry her I would, knowing her style and things she likes, go to a jewelers and select the best ring I could afford and as a promise of my love for her and of our eventual joining, offer it to her.  Then, if she were willing, she would accept this ring I am gifting her and wear it as a symbol of our pledge.


That’s not how it works, she wants to pick the ring and it has to have a massive diamond.

My girlfriend and I (we will call her S from now on) discussed this, and came to an agreement that we’d choose the stone together, she would send me pictures of rings she likes and then the rest is up to me.  I could tell though that this was making her nervous. Cost was a concern for both of us we are not rich and S did consider having her birthstone instead of a diamond.  We also looked at moissanite as it’s cheaper than diamond but it seemed like a poor investment.  Many articles I read told me Diamonds weren’t an investment either and depreciate more than cars on initial purchase.  All of which confused us and put us on edge somewhat.

We had a European trip coming up and decided to go to the Antwerp the home of the diamond market to get a non-Californian understanding – and hopefully a bargain.

So when we were looking at stones the one we were considering was temporarily mounted in a ring that S liked so we could see how it looked.  S loved it and she fell in love with the ring too.  I could see in her eyes that this was the ring and that there was no point being stubborn about any preconceived, overly romantic processes.  We bought that ring.  The stone was not overly priced and we got a great deal on the ring saving money overall.

Okay, so some of the surprise in proposing might have gone but that was nothing to the happiness of her as I presented her with the ring and asked the question many weeks later and I am not disappointed in any way.

And we didn’t do the whole millennial thing these days either of hiring a photographer to capture the proposal; that is not our style and frankly I think that ruins an intimate moment between two people.  If you want a laugh on that front, see the video on tube at the bottom about how proposals ‘should’ be done now.

So the engagement ring was done, at least the wedding ring is just a simple band and not super expensive…. oh no here we go again…




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