It all kicks off

Just starting this journey into my second marriage and this time doing it in the USA. Things have changed since I first got married and perhaps the change in country adds to that too.

It all strange, exciting and worrying at the same time.  I need to support my fiancé as really it’s all about her but as the groom I have a reasonably major role to play and as such I have my own thoughts and concerns and wishes which need to be taken into account.

It’s her first time so there is a level of importance for her on that which I need to respect, not that it’s any less important to me  being a second marriage; this is not a retake, it’s my future.

As you can read in the about I thought this might be interesting to blog about as most books and websites out there are about the bride and all the things that are important to her, those things are important to me too but in a different way.  I want her to have a happy and memorable time.

So I won’t be blogging about dresses and flowers and colours and decor so much here; and I’m not exactly sure what will come to mind – probably the more practical things.

For a start, we had a conversation two days after getting engaged and we got deep into the weeds about one aspect of the guest list.  This caught me out as I was only starting my list of things we needed to do and worrying about guests was way down.  Top three of my list was;

  • Date
  • Venue
  •  Budget



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